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Frank Matter
Frank Matter, born in 1964, first worked as a reporter for various Swiss magazines and newspapers. 1992 he got into filmmaking as an assitant director on Peter Aschwanden’s «Unzucht – Ermittlungen im Fall des Pädophilen H.». A year later he moved to Brooklyn, where he has been working for many years as a director, producer, writer and reporter.
After returning to Basel in 2006, he founded the film production company soap factory GmbH. His films have garnered numerous international awards.
as a director, producer, writer:
«Hannelore» (1994); «Morocco» (1997); «The Beauty Of My Island – Shooting Klaus Lutz» (1999); «The Definition of Insanity» (2004); «From One Day To The Next» (2013); «Parallel Lives» (in production); «Eddie» (in development)
as a procuder:
«Judge Not» by Robert Champi (2000); «Nel giardino dei suoni» by Nicola Bellucci (2010); «Thomas Hirschhorn – Gramsci Monument» by Angelo A. Lüdin (2015); «La buena vida – The Good Life» by Jens Schanze (2015);«Grozny Blues» by Nicola Bellucci (2015); «Ciao Babylon»/«Amalia e Giancarlo» by Kurt Reinhard and Christoph Schreiber (2017); «I Am A Hot Mess» von Johanna Faust (in production); «Ruäch» by Andreas Müller and Simon Guy Fässler (in development); «Fondü Türkiye» by Jonas Schaffter (in development)