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by Frank Matter & Robert Margolis, fiction, 85 min., Switzerland/USA 2004
Co-director Robert Margolis stars as Robert, an actor who may or may not be himself in this intense and often hilarious film about acting, aging and the dark side of ambition.
Blurring the line between fact and fiction, The Definition of Insanity was filmed over the course of 18 months, as a documentary crew follows Robert Margolis obsessively from one failed audition to another, recording in raw detail his every humiliation and small triumph as he searches for that elusive perfect role that will catapult his career into the next level. Just when it seems that he will be forced by family and financial pressures to give up everything he has worked for, he meets legendary filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich («The Last Picture Show», «Papermoon»). That encounter changes his life profoundly, but in a very different way than he had anticipated.
The Definition of Insanity is a film about big dreams and everyday rituals, humiliating defeats and little triumphs, and the inexplicable optimism, some might call it delusion, that keeps us going.
«Brilliant, audacious indie, has snagged awards wherever it has played...»
Variety, Los Angeles
«... an independent production with a fascinatingly original voice... ironic, unpretentious filmmaking that gets under the skin.»
Der Landbote, Winterthur
Production: soap factory GmbH Basel, dirt road films New York
Written & directed by: Frank Matter, Robert Margolis
Featuring Robert Margolis, Kelli Barnett, Dawn Marie Anderson, Peter Bogdanovich, Jimmy Lee Gary Jr., Tom Gill, Amanda Kay, Frank Krias, Bruce Levy, Dylan Margolis
American Original Version, German/French subtitles, MiniDV/35mm
Worldwide rights: Galloping Films, Carlos Alperin, 9 Atthow Avenue
Ashgrove, QLD 4060, Australia
Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland, 2004
Max-Ophüls-Festival, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2004