D / E
directed by Frank Matter & Michael Luisier, fiction, 46 min., Switzerland 1993
Ernst Portmann has always behaved as expected. He played the part of the patient family man and the modest working class guy. He accepted life’s adversities without ever complaining – and escaped into his own world. In short, Ernst Protmann was a totally inconspicuos citizen – until the day when he blows his fuses...
Production: soap factory GmbH Basel
Directors: Frank Matter & Michael Luisier
Writer & Director of Photography: Frank Matter
Art Direction: Kamil Krejci
Starring Kamil Krejci, Franziska Senn, Manuela Biedermann, Andreas Löffel
In German, Video Hi8/Beta SP
World Rights: soap factory GmbH Basel
Premiere: Solothurn Film Festival 1994