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«La buena vida ‐ The good life»: Award in Bavaria
«La buena vida ‐ The good life» by Jens Schanze will be awarded with the Robert Geisendörfer Award 2017. Since 1983 the media award of the Evangelical Church in Germany awards films that strengthen the personal and social sense of responsibility, encourage the peaceful togetherness of individuals, groups and peoples, the mutual respect of the sexes and the overcoming of violence. Jens Schanze will be awarded as writer and director of the documentary and Börres Weiffenbach as director of photography. The jury's statement: «The film shows the consequences of the cheap exploitation of coal in North-Colombia, witnessing the displacement of a whole village. The images are an overwhelming testimonial and an oppressive example for the reckless destroyal of nature and living environment by the conglomerates.The documentary is as poetical as a cinematic essay and as suspenseful as an economic thriller. » On October 10th, the award show will take place at the Bayrische Rundfunk in Munich.
«Parallel Lives»
This fall, the shooting of the documentary project «Parallel Lives» by Frank Matter will be wrapped up. In November starts the editing. «Parallel Lives» tells the stories of four people who were born on the same day as the filmmaker – on June 8, 1964 – but in entirely different locations and under entirely different circumstances. Even if they grew up in vastly different worlds, they are connected by many real and imaginary links, common cultural experiences, points of reference, and cross-cultural influences.The film focuses on questions of cultural and social identity, will and fate, individual life and collective values, freedom and justice.
soap factory films as VOD
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«Thomas Hirschhorn ‐ Gramsci Monument» by Angelo A. Lüdin
«An electrifying portrait» (WochenZeitung)

«From One Day To The Next» by Frank Matter
«Desperate, cunning, rebellious.» (Berner Zeitung)

«In The Garden of Sounds» by Nicola Bellucci
«An accoustic and visual experience in a class of its own.» (Radio SRF)

«The Definition of Insanity» by Frank Matter
«Brilliant, audacious indie.» (Variety, Los Angeles)

«The Beauty Of My Island – Shooting Klaus Lutz» by Frank Matter
«A fascinating portrait of a truly original artist.» (The New York Times)