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directed by Nicola Bellucci, documentary, 85 min., Switzerland 2010
Prix de Soleure 2010
Grand Prix, Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival 2010
Best Documentary, Mostra Internacional de Cinema 2010, Sao Paolo
Audience Award, Festival dei popoli 2010, Florence

«Nel giardino dei suoni» («In The Garden of Sounds») is a touching, poetic exploration of the relationship between mind, body and sound, and a cinematic journey to the borders of communication. Nicola Bellucci tells the extraordinary story of Wolfgang Fasser, a blind musician and soundscape artist who works with severely handicapped children, helping them to find their place in a world not made for them. On his own way into the darkness, Fasser discovered the world of sounds, a parallel universe to our visual world. His far-reaching explorations of sound’s effect on mind and body led him to the field of music therapy.
Today the Swiss native lives and works in a beautiful mountain valley near Florence. Most of his young patients have multiple disabilities; some are blind and can’t speak, others seem to be completely oblivious to the world around them. Step by step, through the use of all kinds of sound, Fasser establishes a dialogue with the children and dramatically improves their abilities of expression and perception.
«This multi-layered portrait with its ingeniuos soundtrack was one of the few really outstanding films of this year’s Solothurn Film Festival.»
Michael Sennhauser, Swiss Public Radio, Channel 1
««Nel Giardino dei Suoni» was a high point of the Solothurn Festival, a wonderful film, which opens your ears.»
Silvia Süess, WochenZeitung, Zurich, Switzerland
Production: Frank Matter, soap factory GmbH Basel
Coproduction: Schweizer Fernsehen SF; Televisione Svizzera RSI
Directed by: Nicola Bellucci
Swiss German-Italian original version, German, French or Italian subtitles, Stereo, 16:9, HDCAM or Digibeta. Short version: 52/59 min. Theatrical version: 84 min.
World sales: soap factory GmbH Basel
Distribution Switzerland: cineworx
Distribution Austria: Polyfilm
Distribution U.S.A./Canada: First Run Features
Distribution Germany: W-film